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MultiTap text input with OPL on Series 60 devices

This page is only available in english.

The current alpha release (v0.30) of the Open Programming Language (OPL) runtime for Symbian Series 60 devices doesn't support dialogs or the INPUT command. This limitation means, that input of text cannot be achieved with the familar and easy to use OPL commands dEDIT or INPUT. Here you can find a workaround in form of some OPL code, that allows classically mobile phone text input by multi-tapping the numerical keys. This method is neither perfect nor comfortable, but should be sufficient to enter small amounts of text.

Note I'm not sure if I will further improve the code. Feel free to use and modify the code as you need. Also please don't expect the code to be bug free, but as a basis to work on ;-)

There are two versions available:

Single Line

Multi Line

S60 OPL MultiTap single line S60 OPL MultiTap multi line
Features of both versions
Input of up to 255 characters by multi tapping the numerical keys.
The #-key switches between lower- and uppercase characters.
The C-key deletes the character left of the cursor.
Differing features
single line up to ten lines
movable cursor N.A.
0.10 0.10
OPL source code as ASCII text (*.tpl).
MultiTap_S_010.tpl MultiTap_M_010.tpl
Translated OPL code (*.opo). Can be run on any Series 60 device with installed OPL runtime by means of a file manager like FExplorer. (Download the Series 60 OPL user package).
MultiTap_S_010.opo MultiTap_M_010.opo

What is OPL? You can find more informations about OPL, the Open Programming Language, a free interpreted BASIC-like language purpose-built for Symbian OS on the opl-dev project pages at Sourceforge.net or the OPL Wiki.

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